2CM-1/2 potato planter, is a ditching, fertilization, planting, ridge, spraying, film, drip irrigation tube of the new planter.

Machine features:
Section of artificial, emergence of Qi, water points, to mention the temperature, good potato shape, large and more, high yield, early listing

Supporting type : Trifilar suspension type
Overall dimension (length×width×height) 2600x1400×1650mm
Machine weight 460kg
Tractor engine power 30-45kW
Row spacing 270~350mm
Working row number 1 ridges and 2 rows
Working width 850~1200mm
Applicable film width 800~1000mm
Transmission gear type mm Land-wheel chain drive
Seed-metering device type / Bowl type
Seed-metering device quantity Nos. 2 X 12
Qualification index of potato seed spacing ≥85%
Seed leakage index ≤10%
Damage rate of potato seedling ≤1.5%
Repeated seeding In index ≤20%
Pass rate of planting depth ≥80%
Seed case volume 140L
Fertilizer case volume 70L
Fertilizer discharger type / Outer groove wheel type
Fertilizer discharger quantity Nos. 2
Opener type (planting/fertilization) / Plough point type/disc type
Opener quantity (planting/fertilization) / 2/1
Ridging type / Ridging knife
Production rate 0.12~0.20hm2/h

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